Interac - Current Fees


Current fees
set by Interac Corp.


Switch Fee

ProductSwitch FeeEffective Date
Interac Cash $0.006243 November 1, 2017
Interac Cash $0.008484 August 7, 2018
Interac Debit (including Interac Flash, in-app and in-browser payments) $0.005759 February 1, 2018
Interac Debit (including Interac Flash, in-app and in-browser payments) $0.008000 August 7, 2018


Interac Debit for in-app and in-browser payments

Acquirer service fee All applicable transactions
*Includes Switch Fee


Interchange Fee

ProductInterchange FeeApplicability
Interac Cash $0.75 flat-fee Per completed cash withdrawal transaction paid by Issuer to Acquirer
Interac Debit  $0.00 Not applicable
Interac Flash $0.02 - $0.035 flat-fee Per completed purchase transaction, and based on qualifying tier of merchant from which transactions originate; paid by Acquirer to Issuer
Interac Debit in-app and in-browser payments 60 basis points capped at a transaction value of $300
Above transaction value of $300 there is a flat fee of $1.80
All eligible transactions


Interac Flash Interchange Pricing Structure Effective as of April 18, 2016

TiersFlat-FeeQualification Criteria
Tier 1 Low-ticket merchants $0.020 Merchants in segments with an average Interac Debit transaction size below $20. Qualifying segments are Quick Service Restaurants (MCC 5814), Convenience Stores/Vending Machines (MCC 5499), Movie Theatres (MCC 7832) Variety Stores (MCC 5311), Dairy Product Stores (MCC 5451) and Bakeries (MCC 5462).
Tier 2 High volume merchants $0.025 Merchants that meet a minimum annual transaction volume threshold. At April 18, 2016, and for 24 months, the transaction volume threshold is 60 million Interac Debit transactions that are $100 or less, based on transaction volume of the previous calendar year. From April 18, 2018, the transaction volume threshold is 20 million Interac Flash transactions, based on transaction volume in the previous calendar year.
Tier 3 All other merchants $0.035 Standard interchange rate that applies to all other merchants.

Interac Online Acquirer Service Fees

Completed purchases < $35 Tier 1 ($0.00 to $15.00) $0.115
Tier 2: ($15.01 to $35.00) $0.265
Completed purchases > $35 Standard $0.465
Utilities $0.415
Education $0.365
Government $0.365
Charity $0.365
Financial/remittances $0.765
All other transactions Including declined purchases, refunds and administrative transactions $0.015
International Processing Fee Fee applied to the total CDN dollar value for all Interac Online purchases completed
at online merchants that operate outside of Canada
150 bps

*Interac Corp. will review and establish Tier 2 volume thresholds on an annual basis.

*All fees are subject to applicable taxes.